We have a tool The Checker that is used to identify your email address. We are tracing your email that your email is real or fake. We give you full verification information so you can easily know that your email is secure for you or not. The email service is the best connection between you and your client. Because you can connects with your clients very easily through email service.

Better to use email

You can use mobile phones but some files are not allowed to open on the mobile server so for that reason you have email service. There are several functions on the email but the thing is if someone used your email service so you’re all secret information will be released. So, for that purpose, we decide to make software that gives you information about your email service.

Use it free

This software will tell you that you are using the right platform for your privacy or keep secure your secrets. The checker is very easy software that verifies your email address. You don’t need to pay a single penny for that. You just right your email address on the given blank block where it is mentioned to write your email address.

Verification mail

So this Email checker take out MX record from email address and then connect the MX record to the SMTP (mail server). So, you can receive a mail which shows you that this email address exists for that user. But remember that all mail a server doesn’t co-operate for this purpose so sometimes the result should be against for us.

You can easily verify that your email is under the use of yourself or some other persons use your email. This is the process of hacking and many persons are expert in the hacking field. So always be aware of these people’s society.

Best result

We give you a 98% accuracy guarantee of email verification. You don’t need to think another process to find the result about the email verification. We can check your email if there is a MX record in the domain. Otherwise, this is difficult for us to verify the email.

You can do 5 email verification within 24 hour.. If you verified more emails then for that you need to pay us a very little amount. We give you cheaper rates. You can also receive email verification mail in your inbox. Make sure when you right email address so every spelling is correct because sometimes we do many spelling mistakes in writing such type of addresses.

Save money and time

We provide you best email verification service. You can easily find out your email accuracy. We saved your money so you can verify your email from our website. By joining our site you never faced any fraud scene with you. Many people are disturbed with the hacking of email address. They fixed meetings through emails, they safe many important documents through email service but when your email is going to hack so, you are faced a big risk. The high-risk ratio increases so, use our site to check out that your email is used by you.

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