To many of us, writing has been a perfect pass time; to some, writing has been a method to score good grades in language exams, and to some, writing has been a mode of expression.

Writing is a lot more than just scripts that fathom language; it is a mode of communication all by itself that doesn’t require a voice or speech; if we think about it, writing is almost magical.

But, have we ever thought about making money with this magic?

Yes, writing can do more than just assisting one in communication; some multiple websites and platforms make tons of cash only with their blog articles—very famous ones are BuzzFeed, 9Gag, and many other online news platforms too.

Ever wondered if you can do the same or not? Well, if they can, why can’t you?

Top 3 Ways You Can Earn Online Being A Writer

Today, let us take a look at the various ways you can make money by writing blog articles; as a beginner, you might think it is a long shot, and you would not make it, but have faith, the possibilities are endless, and if you don’t write, you can also make a fair amount of money, and make a career out of a hobby that you have enjoyed thoroughly so far.

We shall be talking about many ways, and these ways are sure to get you a good income. Thus, without further ado, let us look at how you can make money by writing blog articles!

#1. Advertisement

Right off the bat, this one usually would seem very annoying, and that is precisely why we would get done with this at first. None of us typically like an advertisement breaking the flow of the visual information we are receiving, so it is only standard that we would not want the same to be reflecting on our blogs.

But these distractions are great tools for earning revenue. Although one would need decent traffic in their pages to make a good impression in big agencies, it is still worth a shot.

#2. Consultation/Coaching/Workshop

Usually, websites take a long time to get monetized, but that is not the only way in which revenue can be earned. If you have a blog that fixates on one topic, such as health, beauty, or finances, you can conveniently run side consultation services, workshops, and coaching sessions that you can charge for.

You can also work as a proofreader. For proofreading articles, you can use tools like Grammarly Premium to find out errors in the text. You can easily earn $5-10 for proofreading 1000 words. I opted for the premium subscription in the previous year and got a 55% off Grammarly Black Friday discount. You can do the same if you want to save a few bucks.

These would not just help you in earning good money, but also simultaneously promote your Blog and get it closer to being monetized. If you make a real dent in this regard, you might even be approached to do speaking gigs by different organizations, which should help your audience at large as well as you.

#3. Freelance Services.

We understand that in many instances, one does not want to open their blogs, firstly because it can potentially be time-consuming for a blog to take off and gain popularity. Second, not every person has the patience and dedication to maintaining a blog with its theme and content. For these kinds of people, freelance writing is an excellent earning opportunity.

You offer your services to a range providing agency who gives you multiple types of topics to write about and pays you based on the content you create. This kind of job is perfect for people who like to explore their horizons when writing things, like to think and get creative. Freelance writing is an outstanding part-time job for students and teachers, for they can be in touch with language and continuously practice their literacy skills!

Final Conclusion

This should be a perfect answer to every individual who has been mocked for being a writer, who has been told that they would never make it and are wasting their time. Writing is a great skill to possess, mastering, leading to a doorway of endless opportunities.

The few things one should keep in mind is, they have to know what they are writing about, do thorough research so that there is no false information that is being conveyed, they have to ensure perfect grammar, spellings, and format because if writing becomes your occupation, you can not afford to be wrong with its base, and lastly, they have to write in such a way that the readers enjoy their work and subscribe to their credibility. The possibilities are endless. One just has to step out and explore!

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