Ongoing Expression

It doesn’t matter what your intentions are going into motherhood. How things are before, and how they become afterward, are two entirely different things. You’re essentially entering a higher level of consciousness with greater awareness of time, human development, psychology, metaphysics, and occupational resource generation.

These things are all dialed up past eleven if you’re a mom who is either in a Work From Home (WFH) occupation or a mom who must spend time at a work location on a regular basis. The stress of motherhood combined with the stress of life will likely age you. However, such difficulties need not necessarily impact you on a physical level.

Understand this: the saying “you are what you eat” is quite true, as is the saying “you become the things you do”. This has been demonstrated at the genetic level through “epigenetics” and neuroplasticity, which are concepts surrounding genetic changes related to the activity of a given individual. Stress impacts your DNA by reducing telomerase, ultimately aging you.

Telomerase acts like tape at the end of a shoestring, binding the fibers together. Stress erodes it. Work and motherhood are stressful, even if you prepare in advance. Lack of breastmilk expression compounds the stress, and it’s a negative downward spiral. Consider these tips to help you determine the best means of boosting milk supply and reducing stress.

1. A Support Network for Working and Single Moms

Single moms tend to be working moms, so support networks designed to serve them tend to have options for mothers who have to work regularly. There can be grants, childcare, and much more. Here’s a link to help you explore support networks of this variety.

2. Working With Professionals to Boost Milk Supply

Every hour, you want to go express some milk using a pump. It will depend on who you are and how your body is expressing, but if you’re on shift, bringing a pump along is a good idea. Here’s a link that can help you boost milk supply.

3. Changing Your Diet

What you eat affects what your body is able to produce as regards breastmilk. The problem might be something far less complicated than stress. Perhaps you’re just not giving your body fuel requisite to its needs. Try adding some more nuts, seeds, and legumes to your diet. Increase your intake of whole grains, and eat an extra bowl of oatmeal every day.

Here’s a list of foods conducive to breastmilk production if you’re not sure where to get started. Also, ask your lactation specialist—if you don’t have one, follow the link in point number two.

Being Able to Nourish Your Newborn Despite Work and Life

Juggling a job and a baby is not easy; full stop. You’ll likely experience some stress. However, you can find your “rhythm”. Being able to breastfeed properly helps. To that end, change your diet, work with the pros, and find support networks you trust.

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