Doggie brings many benefits every day. Nevertheless, a dog with whom you share a certain bond will allow you to build a unique relationship and multiply these benefits. In this article, we present our tips for getting a stronger relationship than that of Romeo and Juliet! Get your canine darling the ideal dog supplements Australia has to offer and get him to grow healthy and happy.

Share the good times

Our first advice is not very original, but the basis of any good relationship is the presence of one for the other. Spending time with your dog will allow you to get to know him and understand what he needs. Paying attention to him during the walks is something important, be there for him and make him understand with games, treats, and caresses that it is your moment for both of you.

Go on to an adventure

If you live in the city, do not hesitate to go on a weekend adventure in parks, in the mountains, in the woods or around a body of water. Dogs love nature, they can discover new smells, a new environment and you will share a new experience. You can also participate in orienteering races and treasure hunts!

Play together

Playing is also a good way to strengthen your bond. Having your dog bring a ball or a frisbee is a good example of a game. Having your little companion run after an object and having it brought back will make him understand that you too are having fun spending time with him.

Never leave him alone

You cannot always be available. When you work, when you go on vacation and can’t take it, show him that you love him by widening his social circle and trusting him with people you trust. For example, you can find volunteers to take care of him.

Do you understand him without blinking?

These moments of walks and games will allow you to understand his personality. Each dog is different and you must observe yours to understand its needs. If you have a shy dog, he may not be looking for other doggies but if, on the contrary, you have a dog that needs contact with other dogs, you should know where to go for walks.

Also, observe the times when it needs more attention: morning, noon, or evening. Fill in those moments of attention if you can, while also leaving them alone when they need privacy.

An accomplice dog does not mean a dog that follows you from morning to night but rather develop a relationship where there is a perfect knowledge of each other. It’s because your doggie must also know when he must leave your moment to you.

Educate him… while having fun

A dog must understand and obey the rules you set. For learning these rules, treats and rewards are good ways to motivate him. The fact that your doggie obeys your rules will allow you to take it everywhere without worries.

You can also teach your doggie a few tricks. The canine education strengthens the link between the master and his pet to get after some training time a symbiotic relationship.

There are several great activities to improve the relationship you have with your dog. This activity consists of dancing with your companion to music. It is a new playful way of moving with your doggie that will listen to your orders and will be observant of your movements and your body.

Practice a dog sport

Other dog sports make it possible to strengthen the bond between a dog and its owner. Running with your dog has many benefits. This activity helps him to be less alert and stressed outside since when running he does not take care of his environment and he will be able to integrate little by little into society. It is also a good way to help him exert himself, to tire him and to fight his boredom if he stays alone for a long time at home. Moreover, of course, this improves the bond between the handler and the dog because the two have to adjust to the speed and listen to the different needs of the other during the race.

Depending on your availability and your personalities, other canine sports exist such as agility or mountain biking.  So, with the arrival of summer, enjoy the good weather and try new activities with your faithful four-legged friend.

As they say, the dog is a man’s best friend. A beautiful sentence, which unfortunately sometimes does not seem true. We sometimes wonder why our dog is moody, not playful enough, or simply that he is not interested in us? In order not to tarnish our relationship with our four-legged friend, we must find a way to keep a good relationship, offer love and complicity such as playing sports with his dog or finding ideas for games to improve your relationship.

The secrets to keeping a good bond with your dog

Prefer hikes, because it is one of the best ways to create stronger bonds with your dog. Exploring nature together, spending an afternoon in a park or in the mountains allows you to build a strong relationship with your dog. Then you need to know what he likes best on your hikes, run in the woods, dip in a pond, climb the mountain, etc. This will allow you to target the activities he prefers the most and avoid those that do not please him.

Always keep your dog on a leash in public places to avoid accidents and remove the leash only in safe places where there is no one or other animals in the vicinity. Like children, dogs enjoy spending time outdoors. On weekends, go picnic with your dog, bring food for you and your pet and enjoy the beautiful sun. You can then use dog toys to create complicity (ball, frisbee, rope to pull, etc.), run after him or let him roam everywhere (always in a safe place). These happy moments will only strengthen your relationship.

Show Affection

For a dog, the caress is a sign of affection. Never miss petting him, when you are sitting in your chair and he is sleeping near your feet, when you get home from work, when you wake up in the morning, in short, as many times as possible when the opportunity arises.

Despite the nonsense, it can do, stay calm, but firm! Avoid frequent shouting or yelling at him or her every time, as this can result in your dog feeling disaffected, and the result can be disastrous. When you feel stressed, a relaxing massage helps you to pass this stage. Imagine that it also works for dogs! Give your dog a small relaxing massage of 10 minutes to build a real bond. Massage her as if you would to a human. Guaranteed effect! 


To conclude, it is important to know that a dog is not just a pet or a guard dog. Your dog needs tenderness, complicity, and sharing, in order to build a strong relationship. Spend time with him, play and go out exploring nature or just going for a walk or your morning jog. These gestures will strengthen your bond with him and make your dog a faithful friend.

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