Drones have been the most amazing technology invention, which is admired across the globe. And with the help of VR goggles for drone, flying the drones has become even more exciting and amazing experience. To enjoy the best flying experience, it is important to make the right choice when buying the VR goggles and to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 goggles reviews. The rundown till help you pick the right drone goggles.

Merge 360-Degree VR Goggle

We see most of the VR goggles are prepared using hard plastic, but this one is something different. Merge VR Goggles is designed with squishy foam to make it extra comfortable and convenient so you can wear them for long time. This is customizable VR goggle that comes with adjustable strap. This is not just another VR goggle available on the market, but something different to others.

BlitzWolf BR-VR3

There is a reason that BlitzWolf BR-VR3 has made its way to our 8 best goggles reviews. Besides, it makes the experience better than the others. This VR goggle will fit with both regular and Plus variants of iPhone. This allows the users to adjust the focus for a better image quality while you enjoy flying your drone. The company has been there in the market for quite longer. So, they know that power or views of eyes vary person to person, which is why they have integrated pupil distance for each persons.

View-Master DLX VR

Just take a look at that VR isn’t it cool? I just got flattered by its first look and fell in love with it when I read the detailed specifications of View-Master DLX VR. Earlier it was only sold at Apple stores. Now it can be purchased at various platforms online.

Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2

Next in my list is Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2 that is designed to offer a 100 degree field of view. This is one of the best VR goggles for drone which can adjustable with latest phones. Furthermore, you don’t need to be worry if you wear glass. So if your eyesight is weak and you need to enjoy VR box experience, this is going to be your best pick. Other features like faux leather and interchangeable seal made it highly useable goggles.

Zeiss VR One

It’s highly engaging and advanced appearance aren’t just what make it the part of our goggles reviews, but it has got a lot more to offer. This drone goggle allows users to use Smartphone for watching videos and playing games. This comes with an additional feature to account for pupil distance. It also comes with a few ports for ventilation so that the lenses can’t hamper your drone flying experience.


Last, but not the least, ACHINE VR-007 is designed to reduce the overall pressure and discomfort when you wear them while flying your drone. It comes with special three point fillet to be soft with special sponge that will fit better for different face shapes. It comes with advanced remote reception that offers to view in VR for up to 20 meters in the open air.

The list of the cool VR goggles is quite long. Above are sure to give you the best options to make the right pick.

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