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Of late, people have been in two minds whether or not to invest in Egypt’s real estate market. The reasons are too many. Political instability is on top of the list.Even avid investors are unsure about the future of the real estate business in Egypt.

Of course, buying a luxury property must not be without good reasons because, after all, you are putting a lot of money at stake. However, despite the challenges, the following are the eight top reasons why you should consider purchasing land-assets in Egypt.

  1. Globally Increasing Investment

The number one reason to invest in Egypt’s real estate business is that Egypt is becoming a priority for global investors. Realizing the potential of Egypt’s profitable properties, especially Arab investors are enhancing their exposure in this sector.

Some mega projects like the spread of the Suez Canal and Cairo airport city will further foster the environment for international investors. If you are looking to secure a passive mean of income, you should consider buying a luxury property in Egyptwithout a second thought.

  1. Growing Population

Even if the housing schemes are not on the priority list of a government, but the increasing population rate forces the authorities to work on housing programs. The same is the case with Egypt. The country needs about 100,000 units annually to meet the growing demand of the population. It shows that the community in Egypt is not just increasing but also at a healthy rate.

Naturally, as the demand rises, the prices are bound to shoot up just like they have in recent years. You can buy a luxury property and give it away on rent. Even then, your return of investment will be quite handy.

  1. Ripe and Massive Market

The real estate market could hardly be any better than what it is currently in this country. The factor of the Arab spring has contributed a lot in this regard. The houses and infrastructure got ruined during that turmoil phase, and people want to gain grounds again.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Egypt is its geographic location. Egypt connects with Europe, Africa, Asia, and the middle east. What’s more, high-end schemes are at the center of investors’ agenda. Thus, it is the right time to make the most of your money by buying a luxury property in this middle eastern country.

  1. Support of Government

It should bring a spark in your eyes if you are keen to invest in the real estate sector in Egypt. The reason being, the highest possible authority of the country is ensuring its support to you. At times, investors are reluctant to put money because the respective government lacks a serious attitude, which creates an air of distrust among the purchasers.

As we mentioned above, the government is quite keen to elevate the real estate sector.The Egyptian government, while keeping in mind the future needs of housing units, is providing every possible help to attract investors from the inside as well as from the outside of Egypt.

  1. Strong Economy Despite Political Turmoils

Many people want to purchase a house in Egypt, but they are skeptic about Egypt’s economic stability. Luckily, Egypt is one of those countries which stayed above the political upheavals. Many significant developments took place which played their part to devalue Egypt’s currency. Despite all the turbulence, the economy is not in shambles altogether. The World Bank’s report further confirms this claim. Expensive villas, commercials, and malls continue to come online.

  1. Great Location

When it comes to buying a property, nothing is more critical than the location. Regardless of how much work has already been put to uplift property’s worth, all your efforts will fail to lure potential buyers if a decent site is not part of the deal. It is a tried and tested phenomenon. You can change everything about a house except its location. The good news is that the new administrative capital of Egypt has been in headlines due to its highly-attractive spot. Soon this city is going to become the hub of government activities. On top of that, it is not far from Cairo, which means that value of properties in Cairo is likely to go up as well.

  1. Quality Infrastructure

The government is ensuring that builders use high-quality material in the construction process across the country. The new administrative capital can serve as an example in this regard where there is no place for cheaper material. Developers are strictly abiding by the high standards set by the Egyptian government.

  1. Demand

Going by the formula of supply and demand, you can’t help but agree that the real estate market is at a boom in Egypt. In other words, recent years have witnessed record purchasing in this sector.If you subscribe to the popular belief that real estate business is for the developed countries, you should look up to the example of Egypt.


The above reasons should put your doubts to rest about whether to buy a luxury house in Egypt. The expansion in the real estate prices in Egypt has been unreal in the last few years. Without a shadow of doubt, you should make the most of this risk-free opportunity.

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