Creative writing by some significant extent differs from academic writing. As such, you cannot use the skills applied during creative writing directly to academic writing. The trick is to identify the best of both and implement them in relevant scenarios.

For instance, when writing personal statements for nursing school, you can not use the same skills as though you are writing a creative piece. However, some excellent tips apply to both and help you come up with the best essay in each scenario.

What creative writing tips to use when writing a personal statement nursing

When writing a personal statement nursing, the following creative writing tips will make your work stand out at the least.

  1. Think about your reader

In any writing that you undertake, the first person you should consider is the reader, as they are the judge as to whether or not your work qualifies to be called good. For instance, in most academic writings, teachers are the judges; as such, an excellent personal statement review is essential to eliminate the errors in your work.

The teachers set the questions and develop expectations as to what should be in your work; not forgetting that there are many more essays like yours that need reading. Therefore, ensure you sustain the interest of the reader throughout.

  1. Three-act structure

The three-act structure is conventional in modern writing. The composition comprises of a setup, the confrontation, and the resolution. The set up establishes what you are talking about, as such, setting the scene to your essay.

The confrontation entails discussing the different aspects of your essay. It is where you bring in your arguments and perspectives and evidence. The resolution is more or less the conclusion in your piece. It offers a solution to the questions raised during the confrontation stage.

The structure acts as an anchor to your writing and prevents you from derailing from the main topic of discussion.

  1. An attention-grabbing introduction

When it comes to essay writing, first impressions are everything. They set a pre-conceived mentality regarding in the mind of the reader, about what is in the academic paper. Avoid cliché introductions; instead, find creative ways of going around the typical types of openings.

An introduction that shows a high level of creativity makes the reader want to know more, and that is the main aim of writing to sustain the interest of the reader.

  1. Use of extended analogies and metaphors

Academic concepts can be difficult to grasp, especially by an individual not well versed in the topic of discussion. As such, you should develop creative ways of relaying your information, especially for complex concepts, to the reader.

Being straightforward is not always the best approach to use; find a balance. Metaphors and analogies offer a solution to explain very complex concepts. Writing more original essays puts you in a good position.

  1. Location and setting details

It may not work for all papers, especially scientific ones. However, it is a perfect tool to use for pieces especially those in humanities. Giving life to your article enables the reader to create a mental picture of what you are discussing. It makes reading more intriguing.

Spice up your essay with details regarding the location and setting of your article.

Additional details for personal statement nursing

  1. Edit your work

Like any writing that you do, academic writing requires your work to be flawless. Comb through the work to remove all the errors you get. You may not get it at first, but with practice, you become a master editor.

  1. Record any ideas you have

Creative writers all insist on the importance of writing down every idea you get. It allows you to remember even the slightest of things you would usually forget. The same applies when you write your academic paper.

Take notes at all stages during your writing. It helps form a mental image of the paper, as well as reminding you of every piece of information you acquire.

Professional take on personal statements for nursing school

It all trickles down to the intensity with which you want to succeed. With enough motivation, you could achieve anything.

Concluding remarks on personal statements for nursing school

Creative writing greatly influences academic writing. It would help if you found the right balance in your work, and thus becoming an excellent writer.

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