The roof lining is an important part of a car interior, to which most people never pay attention. Car owners rarely clean or take care of their roof lining unless they have an extreme love for their cars. Due to a lack of care and maintenance, a car roof lining starts sagging. A sagging car lining can be a headache for many people as it looks odd and spreads to the center, starting from the edges.


However, there are ways to avoid the sagging of car roof liner, like protecting your roof from heat and cleaning it regularly. Let us explore all the ways to prevent a car roof lining from sagging.

Don’t park the car in the sun.

The scorching heat of the sun melts the adhesive that binds the roof liner fabric with the board underneath, which leads to sagging of the headliner. So, always try to park your car in the shade, especially in the summer, as the sun is harsh.

Glue it back

Usually, the roof liner starts sagging from the edges of corners and spread to other areas. Glue it back as soon as it starts sagging to prevent the effect on other areas of the fabric.

Pin it up

Another way to fix a sagging headliner is to pin it back in its place. There is a board under the fabric that enables you to pin the fabric back in its place. Using pins is a quick and inexpensive solution to the problem as pins are readily available in the market.

Clear head twisted pins.

These are special pins twisted in shape to fix gently on the cardboard or other materials. You can use these pins to prevent or fix a sagging headliner. While using these pins, you need to push and rotate them into the roof liner board so that they are fixed to the fabric gently. These pins also look good on your car headliner as you can create a pattern using them.

Double-sided tape

You can also use double-sided tape to fix your sagging headliner. Double-sided tape is one of the quickest and easiest methods to prevent your roof lining from further sagging. All you need is to stick small pieces of tape on the underside of the fabric and stick it back in its place. Make sure you place it back correctly and uniformly.

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Final Words

These were the methods you can use to fix your car roof lining temporarily. However, it is best to get it fixed permanently by a professional like Mobile Roof linings Brisbane. Professionals offer high quality of services and also a warranty for their work. So, you never need to worry about fixing it time and again.

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