Most tools are designed for specific vocations, but regardless of your occupation, the wet-dry vac is inescapable. The machine is useful for almost all cleaning tasks and valuable to workshop owners, pet owners, car owners, DIYers, homeowners, and the list goes on

About Cleaning with Wet Dry Vac

We all know a wet-dry vac is a versatile tool, capable of sucking up particulate debris such as sawdust, wood shavings, drywall dust, ash or liquid like water or other fluids. It can prominently remove both solid dirt and spills from workshops, vehicles, garages, offices and even in the home. But there is more to this; you can do more with your wet-dry vac.

10 life hacks with Wet Dry Vac

We will be introducing some tricks and tips to simplify and improve your everyday life. Rather than just vacuuming up floors, here’s an awesome list of 10 wet-dry vac-life hacks that exposes you to a lot more you can do with your cleaning tool.

1. Clean your pet with Wet Dry Vac

If you are fond of pets, you cannot be a stranger to the ability of these furry friends to wander almost everywhere, including dusty nooks and crannies the house. Their hairs can easily pick up dirt from the environment. Luckily, there are wet-dry vacs capable of getting rid of trash, stray hair and allergens from your pets, but just running it over their body. The enormous amount of hair these animals can leave in the environment can also be taken care of.

2. Clean your grill

Grills create a chunk load of spent charcoal, ash, and greasy drips that are difficult to clean out by hand. Soap and water can get you somewhere, but the easier way to finish the job in no time to use the wet-dry vac. It features smart airflow, filters, and wide diameter hoses, to work magic on big debris as well as ash.

3. Dry wet cloth

For the ability of the wet-dry vac to suck up both solid and liquid substances, drying a damp cloth is an easy task for this tool. Instead of the extra time spent on sun-drying or the several spins of the washing machine that pulls out the wools in your dress, the wet-dry vacs can do an excellent job of removing water from the cloth without damaging it.

4. Annihilate mosquitoes, wasps, and bugs

Bug-killing sprays and swabs are quite expensive, but merely pointing the working end of your wet-dry vac at a cluster of wasps, mosquitoes or insects can take care of the problem (Note: keep safe and leave the nests for the professionals).

5. Make a ponytail hairstyle

It might seem a little funny, but for clever Dads, you can get one of the best wet-dry vac under $100, and claim the stand-up parent position while the machine does all your basic child-rearing duties for you like making a ponytail hairstyle for your daughter.

6. Dry your hair

You can get the same exceptional experience of placing your hands under the dryers in restaurant bathrooms from your wet-dry vac, but this time in your wet hair. It is a pretty impressive trick where you can blow out water from your hair and get it dry in seconds.

7. Pump water out

Removing stagnant water is simple with the wet-dry vac. For situations like a flooded basement, this is your go-to tool. Just get it and vacuum the same way you regularly do. Also, if you have to pump water out of drainage, Jacuzzi, or swimming pool – Of course, you already have the perfect tool.

8. For Kitchen Mess

When you are dealing with a kitchen, messes happen! It is inevitable, especially during the holidays when the kitchen is chaotic, crammed up, a significant place where anything can go wrong. The wet-dry vac somewhere around the corner is the escape. It cleans up the stoves looking in shamble, clears the oven apocalypse, and sucks up the loose debris, food particles or crumb that makes the kitchen a disaster.

9. Unclog Sink Drains with a vacuum

At some point, you will eventually have to deal with a clogged drain, whether in the bathroom shower or kitchen sink. Instead of the regular vinegar or toxic chemical solutions, you have to put down the pipe. The wet-dry vac is the hack you need. It can also retrieve small items like rings and earrings from the pipes.

10. Remove snowy messes from floors, stairs

Snowy messes can annoyingly become a laborious cleaning job if abandoned. The wet-dry vac comes handy with removing them from decks, stairs, or from your car. It does not have to cost so much of your hard earn money – you will get some of the best wet dry vac under $100.


The best wet dry vac is powerful, versatile, and nothing is safe from them, not even dirt, hair, milk, flora or air. When most people only need the wet-dry vac, they only think of their basic cleaning need, but with these tips, there is so much more it can do. If you want to easily and quickly clean your carpet, just try using the best robot vacuum for carpet.

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